12 Most Instagrammable Spots in NYC

12 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in NYC Pin for Pinterest

So, you’ve got your vacation days scheduled, your bags packed, your phone charged, and the dog-sitter hired. It’s time to hit The Big Apple—New York City! It can be an overwhelming place, no matter how prepared you are. There’s just so much to see and do! Well, let me ease your burden a little bit with this list of the 12 most Instagrammable places in NYC. Hit these up and you’re sure to not only have a blast, but post some really great Instagrams. (Big cities not your thing? Check out this list of Eleven Underrated Travel Destinations.)


DUMBO manhattan bridge between buildings

No, I’m not talking about the Disney classic or its upcoming remake. I’m talking about Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This is one of the hottest spots for photos in the whole city, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few minutes to get your turn. Washington Street has the perfect view for a shot of the skyline with the Empire State Building right beneath the bridge.

World Trade Center Station

world trade center station

The $4-billion Oculus station house is an absolute masterpiece of modern architecture. Built of interlocking ribs of steel and glass, it’s meant to resemble a dove from the outside. The interior is no less magnificent and needs to be seen to be believed.

Grand Central Terminal

grand central terminal

While we’re on the subject, it would be a mistake to neglect the older travel hubs in the city. Grand Central Terminal is a prime example of NYC elegance, perfectly fusing form and function. No wonder it’s still bustling to this day.

The Flatiron Building

flatiron building

You’ve no doubt seen this iconic 1902 building in countless photos. Now you know its name, which it gets from—you guessed it—its resemblance to a flat, cast-iron clothes iron. It’s in a really cool neighborhood, too, so plan on getting some shopping done after grabbing a few feedworthy shots.

The Guggenheim Museum

guggenheim museum

If you’re even half interested in art, this one’s a no-brainer. The building itself was designed by the one and only Frank Lloyd Wright, which would make it worth seeing even if it wasn’t jam-packed with an ever-expanding collection of art. Want to see some Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, early Modern or contemporary art? The Guggenheim’s got you covered. Make sure to get a shot of that rotunda!

The Bushwick Collective

biggie smalls bushwick collective street art

Speaking of art, you want to get some shots of something really amazing, new, and BIG? Head out to the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn to see and photograph some of the best street art the city has to offer. You won’t be disappointed by these murals, and neither will your followers.

Central Park

central park pond

Central Park is huge—843 acres, to be exact. Naturally, there is a lot to see and plenty of photos to take. Bethesda Fountain and Terrace, Central Park Carousel, Central Park Zoo, Belvedere Castle and Strawberry Fields are just a few of stops you could, and should, make. It’s surprisingly quiet in the morning, so get up early and make a day of it.

Washington Square Park

washington square park arch

Washington Square Park is undeniably one of the most vibrant spots in NYC. The people watching is fantastic; spot musicians, artists, performers of all kinds, as well as chess players and sunbathers. You can get also get a stunning shot of the Washington Square Arch, with the Empire State Building in the background and yourself by the fountain.

The Empire State Building

empire state building skyline

I’ve mentioned capturing this landmark in the background in a couple entries already. Why not visit the building itself? Obviously, the Empire State Building is as iconic as iconic can be. Do check out the 86th-floor observatory. You will not find a better, more up-close and personal view of the Manhattan skyline.

Rockefeller Center

rockefeller center statue

Well, besides the awesome view of the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center has its own sites and shots to offer. You know that massive Christmas tree you see every year on TV? Rockefeller Center. NBC Studios, home of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night with Seth Meyers? Yeah, this is the literal 30 Rock.

Radio City Music Hall

radio city music hall

Hey, while you’re in the area, treat yourself to a visit to the Showplace of the Nation. This place has been a leading tourist destination since the ‘30s, so it’s not like you’re sailing into uncharted territory. Comedy shows and concerts galore! And hey, if The Rockette Experience ain’t your thing, it’s also right next to American Girl Place, Nintendo New York, The LEGO Store, and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

NYC Flower District

nyc flower district

Flowers and Instagram? Who ever heard of such a combination? Well, New York City’s got an awesome Flower Market on 28th Street. I have no doubt you’ve been to flower markets before, but this is another deal entirely. Plan on getting there early and spending a day finding deals and taking shots. Dress comfy, bring cash, haggle, and do be sure to make friends with all the local felines in the area.

New York City is a huge, amazing place. Even if you only take a couple of my recommendations, you’re pretty much guaranteed to run into more top-shelf Instagrammable locations along the way. If you’re planning a trip, be sure to check out my NYC short-trip itinerary.

Got your own spots you want to share? Tell us about them in the comments. Don’t forget to drop a link to your Instagram feed!


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