How I Got Over 1,200 Page Views My First Month Blogging – Without Followers, Group Boards, or Tailwind

How I got over 1,200 page views my first month of blogging without followers, group boards, or Tailwind. Want to increase traffic and grow your new blog? Check out these tips!

This article contains just a single referral link to the Billionaire Blog Club – I’m a member and highly recommend it.

Alright, so I know 1,200 page views isn’t the most impressive thing in the world, but I was pretty happy with my first month of blogging – especially because I did this without followers, group boards, or using Tailwind. This post will go over a few important things I learned.

Quick Summary of Traffic

My traffic, unsurprisingly, comes solely from Pinterest. As you can see here, I had one big spike from a pin that went viral (to some extent):

first month page views graph from Google Analytics

That spike came from this post about 50 vegan dinner recipes. Was it a great post? No, not really. It was my second post, and I was still getting used to WordPress – I just wanted to get comfortable and get some content on my blog. And while that post did the best, my other posts still did okay, collectively amounting to a few hundred page views.

You can probably imagine how happy I was to see all that traffic come in, and then how upset I was to see the numbers fall back down the next couple days. I was scrambling to figure out how I could keep those numbers high, but after a lot of Googling and reading other blogs, I found you don’t have much control. Of course it’s always good to pin popular content as much as possible, but a drop-off is inevitable at some point.

Here is really the key thing about the graph above: the spike, although it died off, created a new floor in traffic. You can see that my daily numbers after the spike are noticeably better than before.

Here are three tips for breaking 1k in your first month of blogging:

Tip #1 – Write about Pinterest’s trending ideas.

My blog doesn’t belong to any niche. I guess you could call it a lifestyle blog – I just call it a “blog about everything.” I did that so I could focus on trending content. How do I find that? You’re probably already aware, but when you click in the search bar on Pinterest, a “Trending Ideas” section pops up at the bottom:

Pinterest trending ideas from search bar

This is currently where I plan to find all my content ideas. It’s Pinterest saying, “Hey! People are looking for these things right now!” I don’t see how I could come up with better ideas on my own.

Note that the subjects in this section change frequently, so if there’s nothing useful for your niche, try again in a few hours.

Tip #2 – Pin to super specific boards and stuff your description with keywords.

If you write a post about indoor plants that require little care, it’s not enough to post it to a “Gardening” or “Plants” board. Ideally it should be on a board specifically related to indoor plants, something titled “Indoor Plants | Little Care Required” – the more specific the better!

Some people might think it’s silly to create a board for a specific blog post, but I don’t. Imagine you write one post per week or 52 per year. If you create a board for each post during your first six months of blogging, that’s only 26 boards. That’s not a crazy number of boards, and it should really give you a meaningful boost in search as you are starting off.

The last part of this tip is making sure you load up both your board and pin description with a bunch of keywords – but not to the point that it’s unnatural. How do you find these keywords? Just search for your blog post topic and include as many suggested keywords as you can:

pinterest suggested keywords in search bar

Tip #3 – Join some kind of community.

Finding a way to connect with other bloggers is essential. Imagine you run into a problem early in your blogging journey. If you don’t know any other bloggers, you will spend a bunch of time getting frustrated digging through Google. Now imagine you’re a part of some type of blogging community – you can post your question on a Facebook group or Slack and get opinions from experienced bloggers immediately.

I’m a member of the Billionaire Blog Club, and I love it so far. The course material is great because it focuses on driving traffic via Pinterest – but maybe the biggest benefits are the Slack channel and the fact that the owner/instructor Scrivs is always there for you and easy to reach if you need him. If you’re brand new to blogging, definitely check out his free 12-day bootcamp. It’s a free email course that goes over every step in getting a blog set up. That’s where I started and I haven’t looked back.


My goals are very simple. I want to keep creating on-trend content to gain more traffic, and then focus on monetization strategies (mainly ads and affiliate programs).

To bring in more traffic, I’ll be focusing on two things: group boards and Tailwind. The next month, in addition to creating content, I want to get to the point where I feel completely comfortable with Tailwind and belong to ~10 group boards. I can already tell the process of joining group boards is going to be annoying, but my plan is just to “apply” to a couple every day.

Summing Things Up

It’s been said a million times, but my (little bit of) success really made me believe it: Pinterest is a visual search engine, not a social media site. I was able to pull over a thousand people to my brand new site without followers, group boards, or Tailwind – that really underscores that it’s more about keywords and creating content that people are actively looking for.

I hope to do one post like this per month, and hopefully there will be some money involved at some point. If you want to follow along, please sign up for my email list and/or follow me on Pinterest.

I would also love to hear your opinion on my tips. I’m obviously a beginner, so feel free to call me out in the comments if you disagree with something I said.

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  1. Great article Sarah! I am a new fellow Billionaire Blog Club member as well. I am just getting started and this was helpful! Thanks for sharing and great job!!

  2. I use pinterest but haven’t really understood its power to finding blog post ideas that get you the “wow” type of traffic. Thanks for writing this.


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