What to Sell on Etsy – 44 Etsy Shop Ideas

Want to start selling online but not sure what to make? I’ve put together this list of 44 Etsy shop ideas to help you out. I’ve decided to keep commentary to a minimum, but each product idea does have a link to a tutorial and an example listing on Etsy.

  1. Framed Chalkboards (Tutorial by Song of Style [Youtube] | Example from ShugabeeLane)
  2. Lace Bralettes (Tutorial by SEW ALDO | Example Listing from LACELAB)
  3. Bath Bombs (Tutorial by Hello Glow | Example Listing from LifeAround2Angels)
  4. Baby Headbands (Tutorial: Lemon Squeezy Home | Example Listing from ThinkPinkBows)
  5. Motivational Printables (Tutorial: At Home With Holly | Example Listing from brickhouseinthecity)
  6. Pillowcases (Tutorial by Seasoned Homemaker | Example Listing from BowtifulByKimberly)
  7. Wood Pallet Signs (Tutorial by Thinking Closet | Example Listing from SignsByLiz)
  8. Leather Bracelets (Tutorial by Happy Hour Projects | Example Listing from RedMoonJewelry)
  9. Custom Invitations (Tutorial by The Penny Hoarder | Example Listing from MagicalPrintable)
  10. Soaps (Tutorial by Kapia Mera Soap Co [YouTube] | Example Listing from SoulGardenStudio)
  11. Table Runners (Tutorial by Sew Much Ado | Example Listing from theruffleddaisy)
  12. Abstract Watercolor Prints (Tutorial by Nina Christensen [YouTube] | Example Listing from LouiseArtStudio)
  13. Funny Embroidery Hoop Art (Tutorial by HandiWorks [YouTube] | Example Listing from cardinalandfitz)
  14. Stamped Jewelry (Tutorial by HGTV Handmade [YouTube] | Example Listing from lotuspetale)
  15. Bow Ties (Tutorial by Sew Like My Mom | Example Listing from MichaelEdwardsBowTie)
  16. Funny T-Shirts (Tutorial/Info by Print Aura | Example Listing from GeekDownApparel)
  17. Wine Bottle Lamps (Tutorial by DFO Home | Example Listing from ClassyGarbage)
  18. Custom Snapchat Filters (Tutorial by Social Media Examiner | Example Listing from PhoenixFilter)
  19. String Art (Tutorial by Katherout [YouTube] | Example Listing from NurturingNaomi)
  20. Lotion (Tutorial by Soap Queen | Example Listing from GoodCommonSense)
  21. Birdseed Ornaments (Tutorial by One Little Project | Example Listing from PlantablesAndPaper)
  22. Chunky Knit Blankets (Tutorial by Simply Maggie | Example Listing from KozyKatDesigns)
  23. Wood Photo Transfers (Tutorial by Hello Creative Family | Example Listing from MyWoodPhoto)
  24. Bullet Jewelry (Tutorial by JewelryTutorialHQ [YouTube] | Example Listing from StampOutLoudShop)
  25. Wood Slice Wall Art (Tutorial by Vin’yet Etc. | Example Listing from SticksAndStrands)
  26. Marbled Christmas Ornaments (Tutorial by Alice & Lois | Example Listing from HarrietChealCeramics)
  27. Dog Costumes (Tutorial by Mood Sewciety | Example Listing from PawsomeCrochet)
  28. Candles (Tutorial by DIY Network | Example Listing from MMTrinkets)
  29. Concrete Planters (Tutorial by Remodelaholic | Example Listing from InGaConcrete)
  30. Baby Onesies (Tutorial by Professor Pincushion [YouTube] | Example Listing from WoolandThreadCo)
  31. Trinket Dishes (Tutorial by A Beautiful Mess | Example Listing from MarbellaDish)
  32. Stuffed Animals (Tutorial by Claire Sophia [YouTube] | Example Listing from ittooktwo)
  33. Nail Polish-Marbled Plates and Mugs (Tutorial by Destination Decoration | Example Listing from craftgeneral21)
  34. Wooden Bead Jewelry (Tutorial by fizzypopscrafts [YouTube] | Example Listing from EnergyCircle)
  35. Aprons (Tutorial by withwendy | Example Listing from notPERFECTLINEN)
  36. Tassel Earrings (Tutorial by The Stripe | Example Listing from OneStitchAway)
  37. Upcycled Totes (Tutorial by Vicky Myers Creations | Example Listing from BientotDimanche)
  38. Pin Cushions (Tutorial by Melanie Ham [YouTube] | Example Listing from RedWhiteBlueJean)
  39. Camera Straps (Tutorial by fabric.com | Example Listing from NuovoDesign)
  40. Wine Cork Wall Art (Tutorial by Craft Cuts [YouTube] | Example Listing from MapleAndMerlot)
  41. Mittens Made from Old Sweaters (Tutorial by Lifehacker [Youtube] | Example Listing from MittensfromtheMitt)
  42. Hand-Stamped Pet ID Tags (Tutorial by Dream a Little Bigger | Example Listing from TagMePetTags)
  43. Concrete Coasters (Tutorial by The 36th Avenue | Example Listing from NoranoraCo)
  44. Polymer Clay Jewelry (Tutorial by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads [YouTube] | Example Listing from SelenaJewelryBijou)

What if you’re not a DIY person?

Don’t worry, there are still Etsy shop ideas for folks who aren’t into arts and crafts. One thing you can do is sell vintage items. Just hit up your local thrift shop and flip the cute items you find on Etsy.

Also, keep in mind that Etsy isn’t purely a B2C (business-to-consumer) marketplace. All those shop owners need materials to make their wares, so you might consider selling items in the craft supplies category. Fabric, buttons, and feathers are some of the items for sale. The weirdest item I’ve seen in the “Craft Supplies & Tools” section? Definitely dried preserved seahorses.


Congratulations, you made it to the end! I hope my list of Etsy shop ideas has given you some inspiration for your future shop. If you need even more ideas, a search for “DIY gifts” on Pinterest should do the trick.

And if you have your own shop or tutorial that you would like to me include as an example in this list, just let me know. In most cases I would be perfectly happy to do that.

Lastly, I’d like to hear what you think of these ideas. Did I miss any interesting or trending Etsy shop ideas? Let me know.

Good luck and happy selling!

Etsy shop ideas - 44 products you can start selling today. Have you been wanting to start an Etsy business? Not sure what to sell? Check out my list of 44 DIY products you can sell - each one includes a tutorial and example listing!


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