12 Farmhouse Decor DIY Projects

farmhouse chandelier
Hello fellow farmhouse decor lover. Today I was looking into buying some farmhouse-style items for my place, but as it often happens, sticker shock led me to checking out DIY alternatives. I was so inspired by everything that I saw, so I put together this blog post with 12 DIY farmhouse-style projects. Note that the first half of the...

25 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

spools of thread
Want to start sewing but not sure where to begin? Or maybe you're more experienced but want a simple, stress-free project that wont have you pulling your hair out? Whatever the case may be, if you're looking for easy sewing projects, you're in the right place! As long as you know the basics of using a sewing machine*, you...

DIY Mosquito Solutions – 8 Tips!

Summer's here, and that means barbecue, sunshine, swimming, and unfortunately... MOSQUITOES! If you find yourself swatting at pesky bloodsuckers every time you try to relax outside, check out these tips for how to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard. 1. Get Rid of Any Standing Water Any pockets of standing water on your property are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes....

What is a Cricut Machine, and What Can You Make With One?

cricut maker machine
If you’re a Pinterest user or you follow crafting blogs, you’re probably already aware of Cricut Machines. Even if you’re not sure you’ve heard the name, you’ve seen what they’re capable of. Because of their versatility and the polished, professional feel of their output, you may not have even realized you were looking at home-crafted products. In this article,...

What to Sell on Etsy – 44 Etsy Shop Ideas

DIY letters made of wood
Want to start selling online but not sure what to make? I've put together this list of 44 Etsy shop ideas to help you out. I've decided to keep commentary to a minimum, but each product idea does have a link to a tutorial and an example listing on Etsy. Framed Chalkboards (Tutorial by Song of Style  | Example...

How to Build a Perfect Command Center in 8 Steps

command center calendar
I love organization, but I can't say my home is always in tip-top shape. Life gets busy, and it's easy to let mail stack up on the counter, lose your keys in your bedroom, and your to-do list in your purse. What happened to that grocery list I started Tuesday?

25 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas – Buy or DIY!

teach appreciation week
The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and Teachers' Day is coming up on May 8th. Show appreciation for the teachers in your life with one of these great gifts. Note that the first half of the list (1-12) is gifts you can buy, while the second half (13-25) is DIY projects, if you're the crafty type...

8 Essential Tips for New Etsy Sellers

Featured image of large knitting needles for Etsy tips article
Etsy has been around for fifteen years now, and the platform has grown to massive proportions. Competition is stiffer than ever, but being a successful seller is far from impossible. If you’re just now jumping on the Etsy bandwagon, here are some vital tips for getting your shop off on the right...

12 Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills

woman taking photos outside
In the age of Instagram, we have higher expectations of photographers than ever before, professional or amateur. A well-lit, thoughtfully-composed, sharp photograph can go along way toward building your social presence, and that kind of attention can be invaluable to bloggers and other freelancers. Here are 12 tips for beginner photographers I...