75 More Small Tattoo Ideas from Playground Tattoo

Hi everyone! My last small tattoo ideas post was really popular on Pinterest, so I decided to put together this post with even more tiny tattoo ideas. Just like the other post, all of these designs come from Playground Tattoo in Seoul, South Korea. Like their bio says, they are known for thin, small, and simple tattoos. A lot of these tattoos are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, so I hope you’ll enjoy them! And if you’re in the mood for more tattoos, check out this awesome book I came across recently: Bodies of Subversion – A Secret History of Women and Tattoo.

1.Cat on Colorful Moon Tattoo on Arm

Cat on Colorful Crescent Moon Wrist Tattoo

2.“You Only Live Once” Tattoo on Thigh

You Only Live Once Thigh Tattoo

3. 101 Dalmatians Tattoo on Arm

101 Dalmatians Arm Tattoo

4.Pinky Promise (“Forever on Your Side”) Back Tattoo

Pinky Promise Back Tattoo

5. Carousel Tattoo on Arm

Minimalist Carousel Arm Tattoo

6. Marge Simpson Tattoo on Leg

Marge Simpson Tattoo

7. “Say You Love Me” Tattoo on Arm

Say You Love Me Arm Tattoo

8. Hummingbird and Heart Tattoo Behind Ear

Hummingbird and Heart Behind Ear Tattoo

9. Cat and Music Note Tattoo on Arm

Cat and Music Tattoo

10. Winnie the Pooh Tattoo on Ankle

Winnie the Pooh Ankle Tattoo

11. Woodstock (Peanuts) Tattoo on Arm

Woodstock from Peanuts Arm Tattoo

12. Alice in Wonderland Tattoo on Back

Alice in Wonderland Back Tattoo

13. “You Make My Life Colorful” Tattoo on Arm

You Make My Life Colorful Arm Tattoo

14. “YOLO” Palm Tree Tattoo on Ankle

YOLO Palm Tree Tattoo

15. Cat Tattoo Behind Ear

Cat Behind Ear Tattoo

16. Ringed Planet (Mole Cover-Up) Tattoo on Arm

Ringed Planet Mole Cover-Up Tattoo

17. Video Game Health Hearts Tattoo on Arm

Video Game Health Hearts Tattoo

18. Turtle Tattoo on Arm

Turtle Wrist Tattoo

19. Tiny Flowers Tattoo Behind Ear

Small Flowers Behind Ear Tattoo

20. “Resilient” with Flowers Tattoo on Arm

Cursive Resilient Flower Tattoo

21. Universe Underboob Tattoo

Universe Underboob Tattoo

22. Mickey Mouse Glove Tattoo on Arm

Mickey Mouse Okay Glove Tattoo

23. “Pray” Tattoo on Hands

Pray Hand Tattoo

24. Lighthouse Universe Tattoo on Ankle

Lighthouse Universe Ankle Tattoo

25. Photographer Tattoo on Arm

Minimalist Photographer Arm Tattoo

26. Dolphin Tattoo Behind Ear

Dolphin Behind Ear Tattoo

27. Colorful Elephant Tattoo on Wrist

Colorful Elephant Wrist Tattoo

28. No-Face (Kaonashi) from Spirited Away Tattoo on Wrist

No-Face Kaonashi Spirited Away Tattoo

29. Colorful Balloon Tattoo

Colorful Balloon Wrist Tattoo

30. Cat Yin and Yang Tattoo on Back

Cat Yin and Yang Back Tattoo

31. “Eunoia” Tiny Lettering Tattoo on Arm

eunoia Tiny Lettering Tattoo

32. Elephant on Earth Tattoo on Hip

Elephant on Globe Hip Tattoo

33. Dinosaur Tattoo on Wrist

Tiny Dinosaur Wrist Tattoo

34. Snowball II (The Simpsons) Tattoo on Ankle

Snowball 2 Simpsons Tattoo

35. Snoopy Tattoo on Leg

Snoopy Leg Tattoo

36. Colorful Chimney Smoke Tattoo on Ankle

House with Colorful Chimney Smoke Tattoo

37. Bunny Heart Tattoo on Wrist

Heart Bunny Wrist Tattoo

38. Flower Tattoo on Collarbone

Flower Collarbone Tattoo

39. Heart with Wave, Sun, and Plane Tattoo on Collarbone

Heart Sun Plane Wave Collarbone Tattoo

40. Flowers Tattoo on Ribs

Flowers Rib Tattoo

41. Mickey Mouse Tattoo on Back

Mickey Mouse Back Tattoo

42. Aquarius and Libra Matching Arm Tattoos

Aquarius and Libra Matching Tattoos

43. Small Flower Tattoo on Ear

Small Flower Ear Tattoo

44. Chick with Flower Tattoo on Ankle

Chick with Flower Ankle Tattoo

45. Smiley Flower Tattoo on Finger

Flower Smily Finger Tattoo

46. Colorful Lion King

Colorful Lion King Wrist Tattoo

47. Baby Panda Tattoo on Wrist

Baby Panda Wrist Tattoo

48. Bird on Wire Tattoo on Lower Back

Bird on Wire Lower Back Tattoo

49. Capricorn Constellation with Cat Tattoo on Wrist

Capricorn Cat Constellation Wrist Tattoo

50. Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

51. Solar System Tattoo on Forearm

Solar System on Arm Tattoo

52. Tiny Cherries Tattoo on Arm

Tiny Cherries Tattoo Arm Tattoo

53. Shooting Star Tattoo Behind Ear

Shooting Star Behind Ear Tattoo

54. Flower Moon Tattoo on Wrist

Moon Flower Wrist Tattoo

55. “Meet Me in Montauk” (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) Matching Ankle Tattoos

Meet Me in Montauk Matching Tattoos

56. “Have a Nice Day” Smiley Tattoo on Arm

Have a Nice Day Smiley Arm Tattoo

57. Matching Elephants Shoulder Tattoos

Matching Elephants Shoulder Tattoos

58. Universe Face Tattoo on Hip

Universe Face Hip Tattoo

59. David Bowie Lightning (Aladdin Sane) Tattoo on Wrist

David Bowie Lightning Wrist Tattoo

60. Universe Tattoo Behind Ear

Universe Behind Ear Tattoo

61. Tiny Smiley Faces Arm Tattoos

Tiny Smiley Faces Matching Arm Tattoos

62. Three Flowers Tattoo on Arm

Three Flowers Arm Tattoo

63. Sun and Moon Ankle Tattoos

Sun and Moon Ankle Tattoos

64. Smiley, Heart, and Star Tattoos on Fingers

Smiley Face Heart Star Palm Finger Tattoos

65. Rose Tattoo on Neck

Rose Neck Tattoo

66. Rose Cross Tattoo on Bicep

Rose Cross Bicep Tattoo

67. Universe Constellation Tattoo on Ankle

Ringed Planet Constellation Ankle Tattoo

68. Peter Pan Shooting Star Tattoo on Bicep

Peter Pan Shooting Star Bicep Tattoo

69. Minimalist Pet Dog Portrait Tattoo on Arm

Minimalist Pet Dog Portrait Arm Tattoo

70. Matching Waves Collarbone Tattoos

Matching Waves Collarbone Tattoos

71. Hand Sprinkling Universe Tattoo on Ankle

Hand Sprinkling Universe Ankle Tattoo

72. Colorful Unicorn Tattoo on Wrist

Colorful Unicorn Wrist Tattoo

73. Cupcake Tattoo on Wrist

Cupcake Wrist Tattoo

74. Dandelion (Mole Cover-Up) Tattoo on Leg

Dandelion Mole Cover-Up Tattoo

75. Colorful Universe Tattoo on Arm

Colorful Universe Arm Tattoo


Thanks for checking out these tiny tattoos. I hope you found them as awesome as I did. Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below!

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  1. My personal favourites were: #39,#63 and#70 but I also love #73 how you were able to take something she didn’t like and make it beautiful!

  2. Please don’t cover moles with tattoos without first having them checked by a doctor. Melanoma is a very deadly cancer.

    • No, you’re not, if you really want one. I got my first one at 44. I am now 48, have added to my tattoos, and have more I will be getting. I actually think being older is better – less impulsive so no dumb tattoos from our youth, they are safer than ever now as the industry is under strict regulations, and you know where your skin is/is not going to sag……lol!

    • I am going to be 62 the middle of august, I didn’t get my first tattoo until 7 years ago! I only have 2 but I just had a double mastectomy. When I am done with reconstructive surgery, I am thinking of getting “scar covering tattoos” I will have scars from hip to hip for the donor site and of course scars for the reconstruction of the breasts. My point being, life is to short to NOT do/get something you want. You are not to old at all!!!

    • The little panda is just too cute! Go for it! It’s so tiny. You’re not doing it out of impulse. It’s not someone’s name. It’s something you have thought about. You are not too old! I contemplated for over 10 years and got my only 1 at 58. I’m happy! Just go do it. *Take time to check the tattoo parlor out though!!!

  3. I just had major cranial surgery about a month ago and I really want to celebrate . I’m thinking about a Phoenix rise from the ashes. I’m excited to be pain free ! Do what makes YOU happy , because life is too short to waste it worrying about what someone else thinks.

  4. My favs:
    delicate little flower behind the ear
    the little black cat with pastel multi colored crescent moon
    The simple black lined cat peeking behind the ear

    So talented, I loved these cute delicate tats!

  5. I got my first tattoo when I was 50 and my second one when I was 69. I don’t think you are ever to old. I sure am going to get more.

  6. That last mole tattoo looks like melanoma! Trust me, I’m a melanoma survivor. Never cover a mole with a tattoo. Even if it’s a benign mole, moles can change over the years.

  7. Even the act of tattooing the mole itself can cause it to change and possibly become cancerous… that is so dangerous.. if you don’t like a mole, have it medically removed.. then cover up the scar!

  8. They re all beautiful bt would ve luv to try out a Gemini small tattoo to see what it will look like looking forward to it.


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