25 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas – Buy or DIY!

teacher gifts roundup list

The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and Teachers’ Day is coming up on May 8th. Show appreciation for the teachers in your life with one of these great gifts. Note that the first half of the list (1-12) is gifts you can buy, while the second half (13-25) is DIY projects, if you’re the crafty type (don’t worry if you’re not – a lot of them are basically printables). I tried to avoid a lot of the boring stuff you’ve probably seen a million times before, so I hope you enjoy!

1. Wisdom Supply Co. Book Quote Posters

Alice in Wonderland Poster Gift for Teachers

This Alice in Wonderland poster is one of many classic literature-inspired prints from Wisdom Supply Co. Their art is available as both prints and digital downloads you can print yourself – and it’s great for home or the classroom. Check out their full collection of posters on their site or Etsy.

2. Out of Print Book Socks

Out of Print Very Hungry Caterpillar Socks Teacher Appreciation Gift

Out of Print sells these amazingly cute Very Hungry Caterpillar socks, in addition to totes, pencil pouches, shirts, and various other items. You can find all of their offerings here.

3. Succulents / Terrarium

terrarium with succulent plants

This is another gift that works for the classroom or home, and everyone loves succulents, right?! You can find all sorts of starter kits of varying complexity on Amazon.

4. Personalized Pencils by Macarons & Mimosas

personalized pencils by macarons and mimosas teacher appreciation gift

A personalized set of pencils makes a great addition to any teacher’s desk – and ensures that borrowed pencils will be returned! Check out Macarons and Mimosas’ Etsy shop for details.

5. Lands’ End Extra Large Canvas Tote Bag

lands end school uniform extra large canvas tote bag

Teachers are constantly having to lug materials back and forth from school. Make it a little easier on them with a large, high quality tote bag. This one is from Lands’ End.

6. Personalized Teacher Notepad / Stationery from Pink Apple Parties

personalized teacher stationery gift by pink apple parties on etsy

Teachers are always sending notes home with their students – help them look extra professional with custom stationery. The notes above are available from Pink Apple Parties on Etsy.

7. Starbucks Gift Card

starbucks drinks

This certainly isn’t the most creative gift, but it’s no secret that teachers run on coffee. Get them something they will definitely use and appreciate at a store or online.

8. Travel Mug by The Pink Polka Dot Custom Creations

teacher travel mug gift by pink polka dot custom creations

If you’re looking for a personalized gift for a coffee-loving educator, a custom travel mug from The Pink Polka Dot Custom Creations is a great option. In addition to adding the teacher’s name, you can also choose the color of the apple and glitter-dip base.

9. Board Games for the Classroom

scrabble board

Whether it’s a rainy day or a celebration, there will definitely be some opportunities to break out board games throughout the year. Help keep the collection stocked by gifting a new game. I recommend Blokus – it’s one of my personal favorites 🙂

10. Personalized Stamps

personalized teacher stamp gift

Personalized stamps are another gift that teachers will find super useful. They are great for grading papers and also marking books that belong to the teacher. The picture above comes from Limoli on Etsy.

11. Alma Mater-Related Gifts

Alma Mater String Wall Art

If the teacher you’re buying a gift for is known to show school pride, then an alma mater-related gift can be a great option. The string wall art pictured above comes from Strung on Nails (Etsy).

12. School Supplies

school supplies

This might seem like a boring option, but teachers really appreciate school supplies for their classrooms, especially if you can find something extra fun and unique.

Now onto DIY projects…

13. S’more Gift Basket by Craft Shack Chronicles

we need smore teachers like you gift basket

This brilliant little project from Craft Shack Chronicles uses chalkboard paint to create a perfect classroom-inspired finish.

14. Movie Gift Card Box by Tatertots and Jello

movie card gift set for teachers

If you don’t like the idea of giving just a gift card, dress it up with this printable box from Tatertots and Jello.

15. ‘Thanks for Helping Me Sparkle’ Nail Polish by Love the Day

thanks for helping me sparkle nail polish gift for teachers

If you’re confident in your ability to choose a sparkly nail polish that your child’s teacher will love, pair it with this printable from Love the Day for a simple little gift.

16. Teacher’s Emergency Stash by Eighteen25

teacher's emergency stash appreciation gift

Throw some candy in a simple bead organizer and add this printable tag from Eighteen25 and you’ve got an adorable gift that any teacher would love.

17. Ombre Crayon Letter by Craft Cuts

ombre crayon letter gift for teachers

This DIY crayon letter from Craft Cuts is one of the more labor-intensive projects on the list, but you can’t argue with the beautiful results.

18. Apple Pretzel Bites by Two Sisters

apple pretzel bites gift for teachers

I tried to stay away from including too many cliché apple-themed gifts, but I had to feature these cute apple pretzel bites made from Kisses and M&M’s. Delicious and so cute!

19. Target Gift Card Holder by Landeelu

printable target gift card holder for teachers

This is another cute and super simple way to dress up a Target gift card. Check out Landeelu for the printable holder.

20. DIY Pencil Vase by Catch My Party

DIY Pencil Vase Gift for Teachers

Giving flowers is always a nice gesture, and if you pair them with this DIY pencil vase from Catch My Party you can make an extra special, classroom-themed gift.

21. ‘Refreshing’ Cup by Fun Squared

it's so refreshing to have a teacher like you printable cup gift

Here’s another simple and cute gift. Just fill a cup with a gift card and any other goodies you might have, and slap on the free printable from Fun Squared.

22. School Supply Cake by Happy Go Lucky

School Supply Cake Teacher Appreciation Gift

If you know a teacher who’s in need of some school supplies but were afraid of giving a boring gift, make a “cake” with this tutorial from Happy Go Lucky.

23. ‘One Smart Cookie’ Printable by A Pumpkin and a Princess

one smart cookie teacher appreciation gift

Cookies on their own are a pretty darn good gift. Grab a gable box and add this free printable from A Pumpkin and A Princess, and you’ve really got something special.

24. Ruler Pencil Holder by Eighteen25

ruler pencil holder teacher appreciation gift idea

Eighteen25 has so many awesome projects I had to include them twice on this list. This is a really simple project, but the acrylic paint adds a really nice final touch.

25. ‘Thanks a Latte’ Printable by Just Add Confetti

thanks a latte printable gift for teachers

Last but not least is this free “Thanks a Latte” printable from Just Add Confetti. Ask for an empty cup when you grab your Starbucks gift card, and you’ve got a simple and cute gift.

To Sum Up

Thanks for checking out these gift ideas, and let me know what you think in the comments. If I missed any neat gifts or you have your own product or DIY gift, let me know – I would be happy to feature you!

End of year gifts for teachers that you can buy or DIY.



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