10 Easy Meal Prep Ideas for Breakfast and Lunch

At the end of a long workday, I like to de-stress by making dinner. But unless there are leftovers, I rarely feel like preparing the next day’s lunch. So when morning rolls around, I grab a banana for breakfast and throw together a quick lunch of the fruits, veggies, and snacks that are on hand. It can end up as a pretty unbalanced meal, and sometimes I can’t find enough grab-and-go food to make a real lunch.

My breakfasts and lunches are so much healthier and less stressful if I spend a few hours of my Sunday planning them out and prepping them. Here’s a full week of breakfasts and lunches that are easy to make ahead of time, and will leave you satisfied and energized for a productive day! Oh, and they’re delicious.

// Monday //

Banana Coconut Cream Pie Overnight Oats

Overnight oats or chia puddings are one of my favorite easy and filling make-ahead breakfasts, and this recipe is especially delicious. I usually have mine the morning after I make them, since I like my oats to keep some of their structure. If you prefer yours soft and creamy, make this a Wednesday breakfast!

Spinach Hummus Wraps

Also great for school lunch or long plane trips, these wraps are a light and healthy way to start your week after a weekend of letting loose. I usually pair these with a heartier breakfast, like the overnight oats, but you could also bulk up this meal with a hard-boiled egg and some peanut butter with apple slices. You can chop the veggies and make the hummus ahead of time and assemble morning-of, or you can wrap the whole thing in tin foil to keep in the fridge for a few days. It just might get a little soggy.

// Tuesday //

Fruit and Spinach Smoothie

Super-duper easy to prep and to make, this is a great option for those weeks you never got around to meal planning. Just put your fruit and spinach in a Ziploc bag to store in the freezer until it’s smoothie time. The morning of, blend your mix with the juice or milk of your choice, and any powdered supplements you like. My favorite add-in is the Collagen Beauty Greens from Vital Proteins, which contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, and organic greens.

Spicy Salmon Tacos

This is probably my favorite lunch recipe of the bunch, but I’m biased because I looove salmon and Mexican spices. How can you go wrong? I prep these like a bento box – I find it lasts longer than pre-assembled tacos. Bake the fish, mix up the dressing, and pack the corn salsa (cabbage, lettuce, avocado, beans), salmon, dressing, and tortillas separately so you can have a taco-making fiesta at your desk! Sombrero not included.

// Wednesday //

Egg Cups

Egg Cups by Wholefully
Source: Wholefully

Either straight from the fridge or warmed in the oven (I’d be careful with the microwave unless you want exploded egg), these egg cups make a delicious filling breakfast with endless possible variations. I like doing as Cassie recommends in this recipe, and baking several varieties in one muffin tin. My personal favorites are the Sweet Potato Chive cups, but the Capreses are a close runner-up.

Healthy Chicken Pasta Salad

This is another easy recipe that you can modify to suit your taste buds and pantry. I love the Asian-style dressing so much that I keep a big batch bottled to add to all my salads. You can sub the chicken out for tofu or sauteed mushrooms for a vegetarian meal that’s equally delish.

// Thursday //

Avocado Breakfast Burrito

I love a good breakfast burrito. It’s exactly what I’m craving in the morning – something savory, with veggies, eggs, and cheese. This recipe throws in some brain-loving avocado for extra staying power. The best part? You can pre-assemble these, wrap them in tin foil, and freeze them. Then, just pop one in the oven for around 10 minutes, and you’ve got a hot, savory, filling breakfast in the time it takes to do your makeup!

Greek Couscous Salad

Mediterranean flavor combos are my all-time favorite. Just thinking about this Greek Couscous Salad has my mouth watering. Plus, couscous is one of my favorite words to say. It’s so fun! This recipe makes enough to have a whole week of Greek couscous lunches, and while I love this salad enough to eat it five days in a row, I might make slightly less and bookend my week with couscous, to give my diet more variety.

// Friday //

Energy Balls

Energy balls are a great, portable snack for a busy morning, and are a balanced source of gluten-free protein to give you the energy you need to make it to lunch without going for a sugary latte or a candy bar. They’re incredibly customizable, but my favorites are a blend of dates, almonds, coconut, peanut butter, and chia seeds. Add some chocolate chips for an energy-boosting dessert.

DIY Starbucks Protein Bistro Box

Starbucks Protein Bistro Box by Number 2 Pencil
Source: No. 2 Pencil

A great option for kids and adults alike, this well-balanced lunch requires almost no prep beyond hard-boiling an egg. You could easily switch up the components too, utilizing seasonal fruit, and swapping out the peanut butter for hummus and carrots.

Are you hungry yet? I definitely am. Hopefully this inspired you to get creative with your quick, on-the-go breakfasts and lunches. These easy recipes make Sunday meal-prepping pretty painless, and reward you with delicious, healthy meals for sustained energy all week long. What’s your go-to breakfast or lunch recipe? Share below!

10 easy meal prep ideas for breakfast and lunch. Plan out your week with these (mostly) healthy meal prep recipes.


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